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In a bid to safeguard the Indian rupee from plummeting to record lows, India’s central bank recently engaged in a strategic move. It sold U.S. dollars in the offshore non-deliverable forwards (NDF) market at approximately 83.24-83.25 rupee levels. This move came just ahead of the spot market’s opening on Wednesday.

The rupee’s value has been under pressure recently, and the central bank’s intervention indicates a proactive stance to maintain stability in the currency’s exchange rate. Such actions are vital in preventing the rupee from spiraling towards an all-time low.

While this move might not be a long-term solution, it does showcase the Reserve Bank of India’s commitment to defending the rupee’s value and ensuring economic stability in the country. The central bank’s actions will be closely monitored by financial markets and investors as they continue to gauge the rupee’s performance in the coming days.